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Arcadia Capital and Arcadia Motion Pictures

Arcadia Motion Pictures (AMP) was created in 2005 by Ibon Cormenzana with the goal of producing high-quality audiovisual projects with international potential. He had previously participated with Ángel Durández in productions with Infinity Films, a production company they created in 2000 that focused on national projects. In 2006, they produced The Birthday, a movie directed by Eugenio Mira and shot in English. It included the participation of Corey Feldman and garnered numerous prizes at fantasy film festivals around the world. They produced The Totenwackers in 2007, a children’s adventure film co-produced with Buenavista & Future Films and sold to more than twenty countries.

Arcadia Capital was created in 2008 out of Arcadia Motion Pictures. Its primary goal was to promote investment in audiovisual productions through the creation of

Economic Interest Groupings whose participants, whether companies or individuals, could take advantage of industry tax incentives applicable to projects begun through 2011. AMP, then, manages the selection and financing of projects, as well as the production of works that are created through these Economic Interest Groupings.

Arcadia Capital, as part of its business, also provides audiovisual consulting and content creation that can be applied not only to cinema, but also to television, mobile networks and the internet.