Jackboots on Whitehall
Director's notes
Jackboots On Whitehall is an action-adventure comedy set in Britain during the Second World War. It is a puppet movie that will offer audiences the emotion, suspense and excitement of a high budget, live action blockbuster. Its daring and original style, coupled with the A-list cast, will attract significant attention from the cinema-going public and from industry professionals alike. The tone is that of an epic Hollywood blockbuster: beautiful cinematography, a soaring score, vast landscapes, and action sequences intertwined with an intimate love story and a struggle for good over evil. Films such as The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and Gladiator are influences for the epic visual style, whilst films like Powell’s A Canterbury Tale will be the basis for highlighting the natural beauty of the English countryside.

The film utilises a stripped back, simplified puppeteering technique used by children in their back yards as well as by experienced filmmakers. The puppets are not held up by strings as per Thunderbirds or Team America but are manipulated through various forms of hand and rod puppetry. The sets have been designed with an attention to detail that rivals that of major blockbuster films.
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